At the 7th Asia Motor Insurance and Claims Management Conference organized by Asia Insurance Review, we recorded a podcast roundtable with conference speakers Trevor Lok, CEO – Merimen Group, Dr. Woody Mo, President and CEO – eBaoTech Corporation, Nicolas Faquet, CEO and Founder – and David Henderson, Co-Founder & CEO – DRVR

The experts gave us insight into trends in motor insurance with a focus on emerging Asia as well as Singapore and China as game-changers. What implication has the rise of ride-hailing services in terms of product creation but also as a distribution channel and even as a threat of becoming a competitor when entering the underwriting space? 

The panel is discussing the digitization of the entire motor insurance value chain including trends like digital distribution as well as the adoption of new technologies such as Blockchain, Telematics, and Vehicle-to-Vehicle-Communication. Is Asia ready for usage-based and peer-to-peer insurance (UBI) and what are the regulatory constraints?

Other companies we mentioned in this episode: Grab, DirectAsia, FairDee, CarPool, General Insurance Association Of Singapore (GIA), Zhong An, Ping An, Ant Financial, Alibaba, Trust Mutual Life




Asia InsurTech Podcast - Episode 15 - Dr Woody Mo, Trevor Lok, Nicolas Faquet, and David Henderson- Asia Insurance Review Roundtable II - Insurance Fundamentally Is About Having Randomness

by Dr Woody Mo, Trevor Lok, Nicolas Faquet, and David Henderson | Asia InsurTech Podcast