Michael Waitze moderated a special HealthTech panel episode in collaboration with BeachCity Media live at the Startup Nation Summit at True Digital Park, Bangkok. The panel was joined by Dr. Kanapon Phumratprapin, CEO & Co-Founder of Health at Home, Emmanuel Fauvel, General Manager & Co-founder of Fatster App, Robin Emond, Innovation Project Manager at Fuchsia Innovation Centre / Muang Thai Life, and AIP Founder Theresa Blissing

The panel was discussing the importance of HealthTech for the insurance industry and how HealthTech startups can help insurers increase customer engagement and help people better manage their health. Prevention is an important topic in today’s age and insurers can benefit from a higher engagement with their customers and lower costs for healthcare. 

The experts also touched on the challenges of startups working together with incumbents and how to overcome those challenges. The people component plays a major role when agile startups meet hierarchical processes of a corporate environment and a corporate mindset.

Asia InsurTech Podcast - Episode 18 - Dr. Kanapon Phumratprapin, Emmanuel Fauvel, Robin Emond and Theresa Blissing - HealthTech Roundtable - Patient Focus, Personalization and Prevention

Asia InsurTech Podcast