At the Singapore Fintech Festival AIP founder Theresa Blissing recorded a special episode with Plug and Play Singapore and three of their startups from batch 0 and batch 1. In this episode were Kayvon Deldar, Program Head, Singapore Insurtech and Fintech at Plug and Play Tech Center, Dr. Geok Leng Tan, CEO of AIDA Technologies, Jong Tong Foo, Asia Sales Director at Shift Technology, and Zal Dastur, COO & co-Founder of Lucep.

Plug and Play Singapore serves as the regional hub for the company’s investments and innovation platform in Southeast Asia. They connect the technology startups and the world’s largest corporations. Plug and Play have completed 2 batches of startups and has accelerated 49 startups in the process. Startups from all over Asia are invited to submit their applications for the Fintech and Insurtech program which focuses on areas such as Data Analytics, Automated Underwriting, Trade Finance and Reg-Tech amongst other key areas.

AIDA was established in Singapore in 2016 with a key focus on AI and ML-based predictive analytics and intelligent systems. Through their AI-based predictive analytics solutions, AIDA is able to address key automation challenges by augmenting a human experts ability to make decisions when confronted with huge amounts of heterogeneous information from diverse sources.

Shift Technology is a French company and is focused on creating AI-native solutions to help the world’s leading insurers deliver amazing customer experiences while winning the fight against fraud. The Company was founded in 2014 and has insurance clients in over 25 countries. As of March 2019, they have raised USD 100 million. 

Lucep was established in 2013 and provides a software-based system which involves agents responsible for a territory of products getting lead generation data and analytics based on their response to availability. The focus is on developing mechanisms that enhance the engagement of customers to sales team based on leads generated from digital channels. Zal Dastur has been on the show before. You can find his episode here

Asia InsurTech Podcast - Episode 38 - Dr. Geok Leng Tan, Jong Tong Foo, Kayvon Deldar and Zal Dastur - Plug and Play Roundtable - It Might Be Innovation Tourism

by Dr. Geok Leng Tan, Jong Tong Foo, Kayvon Deldar and Zal Dastur | Asia InsurTech Podcast