At the Singapore Fintech Festival, AIP founder Theresa Blissing recorded a panel episode analyzing how InsurTechs and traditional insurers can collaborate and co-exist. The panel is joined by Yannick Even, Head of Digital & Smart Analytics APAC at Swiss Re, Wei Zhu, Founder and CEO of Axinan and Laurens Koppelaar CEO Singapore and Head of International at Symbo

The panel discusses the degree of disruption in the insurance industry in Asia. Are we expecting fierce competition or more of a partnership and co-creation model that enables insurers to offer better products and services at a faster speed to market? While startups are often stronger when it comes to tech capabilities and applying an agile methodology to developing and launching new products, incumbents have the expertise when it comes to navigating the regulatory environment. By leveraging each other’s strengths, we might soon see disruption in the industry. 

The panel also touches on how to make partnerships between incumbents and InsurTechs work and how to overcome obstacles. The challenges depend on the type of InsurTech and what problems they are trying to solve as well as the tier of the incumbent. 

If you want to learn more about Axinan, we recorded with Wei Zhu and Arijit Chakraborty and talked about Axinan’s business model and future strategy. Find the episode here.

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Asia InsurTech Podcast - Episode 40 - Yannick Even, Wei Zhu, and Laurens Koppelaar - InsurTech vs Incumbent Roundtable - Collaborate and Co-Exist

by Yannick Even, Wei Zhu, and Laurens Koppelaar | Asia InsurTech Podcast