In this episode, AIP founder Theresa Blissing recorded at the InsurTech Insights Conference in Hong Kong with Lyndon Reid – the Chief Commercial Officer at Shift Insurtech, Cole Sirucek – co-founder of DocDoc, Chang Li – Director of Plug and Play Japan,  and Thibault Demoures – the Asia Head for health solutions development at Axa Partners.  

The panel is discussing one of the topics of the conference “How can InsurTechs coexist with traditional carriers.” and give a glimpse of the conversations we had at the two-day event. How will insurers deal with disruption? Which startups are going to succeed and are there lessons to be learned from the telecommunication industry? 

The past three years have seen lots of changes in terms of mindset and approach of insurance companies towards InsurTechs and we might be at the beginning of large consolidation and mass customization. Is there enough space for multiple InsurTechs or is it going to be “winner takes all”? 

Asia InsurTech Podcast Episode 42 - Cole Sirucek, Chang Li, Thibault Demoures and Lyndon Reid - InsurTech Insights Roundtable - The Initial Concept Was Massive Scalability

by Cole Sirucek, Chang Li, Thibault Demoures and Lyndon Reid | Asia InsurTech Podcast