We had the pleasure of speaking with Maureen Nova Ledesma, a co-Founder and the CMO of Vesl.  In its own words,  Vesl is a financial technology company that is innovating in the trade finance sector by providing a platform that connects trade lenders and businesses to per invoice trade credit insurers, among other specialized insurance products.

Vesl seeks to boost economic development in the Southeast Asian region by leveling the playing field and bridging the trade finance gap between big and small traders.  In doing so, we are also providing insurers the opportunity to extend their capacity to an untapped and hungry market.

It was actually quite great to speak to Maureen, who is one of the most authentic and dedicated founders I have met recently.  Her passion (a wildly overused word) was palpable and her desire to close the trade finance gap resonated in everything she said.  Michael was impressed and you will be too.

Asia InsurTech Podcast - Episode 43 - Maureen Nova Ledesma- CMO co-Founder at Vesl - Using Technology to Make Insurance Products More Accessible

by Maureen Nova Ledesma | Asia InsurTech Podcast