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Co Founder

Andy Ann is a Cofounder of YAS Digital Limited (YAS) who brings to the company a wealth of big data, digital media expertise and entrepreneurship, in leading YAS’ groundbreaking debut in Hong Kong and its future expansion to Asia Pacific and ASEAN countries.
He is an award-winning serial entrepreneur focusing on data, mobile and media technologies.

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EP 151 – Andy Ann – CEO and co-Founder of YAS Digital – It Feels Like a Gift

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Andy Ann, the co-founder of YAS Digital, about embedded, small ticket micro-insurance and how the pandemic has helped accelerate digital transformation of the insurance industry. Listen to our first episode with Andy Ann in November 2020 here. Michael WaitzeHi, this is Michael Waitze, and welcome back to the Asia […]

EP 91 – Andy Ann – co-Founder YAS Digital – How Can Content and Data Analytics Drive Insurance Loyalty?

The Asia InsurTech Podcast talked to Andy Ann, co-founder of YAS Digital. Andy is a serial entrepreneur who has won numerous awards and brings a wealth of big data, digital media and entrepreneurship expertise. He is the founder and Chairman of NDN Group, a digital conglomerate focusing on data, mobile and media technologies and founded […]