AuthorTim Attia

CEO, Co-founder
Slice Labs

Tim Attia is the CEO & Co-founder of Slice Labs, a technology startup and leading on-demand insurance cloud platform provider. The company’s Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) & Slice Mind capabilities are transforming traditional insurers into digitally-driven carriers by providing them with a platform that enables them to quickly ideate, experiment, test and deploy new, on-demand insurance products. Tim began his career with a large technology and management consulting firm, and continues to work with major global insurance carriers.

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EP 71 – Tim Attia – CEO Slice Labs – Insurance Being Part of Other Buying Experiences

In this episode, Michael Waitze speaks to Tim Attia, co-founder, and CEO of Slice Labs. Originally from the US, Slice has started expanding into Asia. While the US and Europe are well established in terms of insurance penetration and traditional distribution, Asia presents a chance to bypass analog distribution and leverage on the mobile-first economy. […]