AuthorChristina Cai

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
Lydia AI

Christina Cai is the co-founder and COO of Knowtions Research, an applied AI company on a mission to insure the next billion people. Having grown the company from the two table desk at the innovation centre at the University of Toronto after graduating, she believes the key to scaling is cultivating teams with strong roots in our mission and humble origin. Christina leads with empathy and has evolved to guide the team through different stages of growth as the company pushes towards using technology to advance insurability in every reach of the world. Insurance companies tap into the company’s Lydia AI risk prediction engine to make accurate dynamic health risk predictions based on alternative data. These actuarially validated health scores are used to make personalized product recommendations, accelerate underwriting and create new insurance products. Established in 2015, Knowtions Research is backed by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, Information Venture Partners, 500 Startups and the Canadian Government.

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EP 161 – Christina Cai – co-Founder and COO at LydiaAI – How Do We Link Health and Wealth?

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Christina Cai, a co-founder and the COO of Lydia AI, about applying AI to healthcare data and the challenges of founding a startup. Find the transcript of our conversation here: Michael Waitze 0:00Okay, the recorders on. Hi, this is Michael Waitze. And welcome back to the Asia InsurTech Podcast. […]