AuthorMichail Chopra

CEO & Co-Founder
Mayfair We Care Ltd - Mayfair Group

Since 1991 Michail has been involved in developing and growing Mayfair Group into an international technology lead health benefits administrator. The company has offices in the UK, India, Singapore, The Philippines, Australia and have added local representatives in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia to be closer to our member base. Michails overall responsibilities range from dealing with our corporate relationships, corporate governance and structure, global operations/offices, growth planning and many other aspects of business that a CEO is responsible for. "I enjoy these daily challenges due to the fantastic family I have behind me at Mayfair."

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EP 216 – Michail Chopra – Mayfair Group – A 30 Year Journey of Insurance Innovation

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Michail Chopra, CEO of Mayfair Group, and unveiled an in-depth exploration of the shifting terrains of the insurance industry, particularly through the lens of technology and empathetic cultural practices.  Michail and his team leveraged technological advancements, transforming traditionally cumbersome insurance processes into a seamless, user-friendly digital experience. The journey […]