AuthorZal Dastur

COO and Co-founder

Zal is the founder Lucep. Lucep is a mobile app that helps connect a businesses digital marketing channels such as your website, social media, lead ads and email campaigns directly to your sales agents that are using the app. The agent gets an instant notification along with information on what the prospect is interested in.

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EP 38 – Dr. Geok Leng Tan, Jong Tong Foo, Kayvon Deldar and Zal Dastur – Plug and Play Roundtable – It Might Be Innovation Tourism

At the Singapore Fintech Festival AIP founder Theresa Blissing recorded a special episode with Plug and Play Singapore and three of their startups from batch 0 and batch 1. In this episode were Kayvon Deldar, Program Head, Singapore Insurtech and Fintech at Plug and Play Tech Center, Dr. Geok Leng Tan, CEO of AIDA Technologies, […]

Ep 11 – Zal Dastur – co-Founder and COO, Lucep – It Skews the Advantage Hugely to the First or Second

Zal Dastur is the Chief Operating Officer and co-Founder of Lucep.  Lucep focuses on developing mechanisms that enhance the engagement of customers to sales teams based on leads generated from digital channels. Having been in the field of Sales and Marketing for 12 years, Zal recognized the lack of effective mechanisms for managing and distributing […]