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On a mission to reduce the underinsured population.

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EP 61 – Michael Lovegrove – Founder and CEO of JRNY – We Need to Be Aligned on a Mission

In this episode, Michael Waitze talks to Michael Lovegrove, the founder, and CEO of JRNY. The Company is on a mission to reduce the globally underinsured population which amounts to approximately USD 1.2 trillion with many of them found in Southeast Asia. The New Zealand startup is working with insurers globally to develop easy to […]

AIP LIVE Special – Beating the Virus

The world is experiencing a global pandemic. How is everyone holding up and smashing goals? How are startups successfully managing remote work? What are great tools to maximise productivity whilst working from home? What is the impact on the insurance Industry? We held an AIP LIVE special on Monday, 20th April and discussed how to […]

EP 35 – Ian Pollard, Michael Lovegrove and Matthias de Ferrieres – Singapore FinTech Festival Roundtable

In this episode, AIP founder Theresa Blissing recorded live at Singapore FinTech Festival and talks to Ian Pollard, Group MD Delta Insurance, Michael Lovegrove, Co-founder and CEO of JRNY, and Matthias de Ferrieres, the founder and CEO of my-insurer.   JRNY and Delta Insurance are both headquartered in New Zealand, a country with a smaller population […]