AuthorNadia Suttikulpanich

Head of Fuchsia Innovation and Venture Capital
Muang Thai Life Assurance

Nadia Suttikulpanich, head of Fuchsia Innovation Centre and Fuchsia Venture Capital for Muang Thai Life Assurance (MTL). She drives development and engagement between people and business through innovation from both tech and non-tech perspective. She wants to change the paradigm of insurance by making it more accessible and inclusive through the use of relevant data and healthcare technology. Fuchsia team have launched Asia’s first dynamic pricing health insurance coverage for diabetics and first health insurance coverage through telemedicine.

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EP 130 – Nadia Suttikulpanich – Fuchsia Innovation Center for Muang Thai Life Assurance – We Believe In Repeatable Models

The Asia InsurTech Podcast caught up with Nadia Suttikulpanich, the head of Fuchsia Innovation-Center for Muang Thai Life Insurance. Nadia has been on the show first in 2019 and a lot has changed since then, especially consumer behavior using digital services. Muang Thai was one of the first insurers to offer telemedicine pre-Covid and the […]

Insurance Executive Panel – Bryan Smith, Nadia Suttikulpanich, Christopher Dennis

As part of ITC + DIA WordTour – Thailand stop, we had a panel discussion with Bryan Smith, President and CEO, Allianz Ayudhya Assurance, Nadia Suttikulpanich, Fuchsia Innovation, Muang Thai Life Assurance and Christopher Dennis CEO Luma Health. Covid has changed many aspects of how we do business. The panelists share their experience, what changes […]

Ep 14 – Nadia Suttikulpanich – Fuchia Innovation Center for Muang Thai Life Assurance – It All Starts With the Consumer

Nadia Suttikulpanich is the Head of Fuchsia Innovation Center for Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited.  Fuchia focuses on initiating innovations and embracing changes with businesses and start-ups that emphasize consumer needs. Prior to launching Fuchia, Nadia worked for Unilever for 8 years also focused on innovation.  While there, innovation is most effective when […]