AuthorRohit Nambiar

Group CEO
Tune Protect Group Berhad

Rohit Chandrasekharan Nambiar (“Rohit”) joined Tune Protect on 14 October 2020. In his role as the Group CEO, Rohit will be responsible for steering Tune Protect on its journey of digital transformation aimed at positioning the group as a preferred lifestyle insurer within South East Asia and Middle East.

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The Asia IsnurTech Podcast had a roundtable discussion with Romil Turakhia, an Executive Director of Innovation at Candela Labs, Rohit Nambiar, the Group Chief Executive Officer at Tune Protect, and Reid Bailey, the Transformation Director at Bupa. We had a dynamic conversation about how insurers can connect the dots between legacy enterprise systems and emerging […]

EP 108 – Rohit Nambiar – Tune Protect – If You Really Want To Innovate, Be Ready To Be Fired

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