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Simon Phipps, Founder of The Digital Insurer, has over 30 years experience across Life, GI and Asset Management businesses within insurers, consulting firms and start-ups. He started his career in intermediated distribution. Previously Aviva MD & KPMG lead partner for Insurance Advisory & Digital Innovation in HK.

The Digital Insurer is the world’s largest knowledgebase and online community of more than 40,000 professionals who share a common purpose of working together to accelerate the digital transformation of insurance. The TDI Academy, launched in 2020, is dedicated to providing best in class learning and development on digital insurance to help as many people as possible be part of our digital future.

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AIP News RoundUp – EP 53 – Theresa Blissing and Simon Phipps – The Tokenization of Pretty Much Everything

April has been a busy month in InsurTech in Asia and we have seen lots of development in the digital asset and cyber space. Hong Kong virtual insurer OneDegree announced a multi-year partnership with Munich Re to launch digital asset insurance under the brand name OneInfinity. We had Alex Leung, the co-founder of OneDegree on […]

AIP News RoundUp – EP 51 – Theresa Blissing, Hugh Terry and Simon Phipps – It Did Require That Long-Term Commitment

February has been a super busy month for InsurTech in Asia. AIA is again in the news. The insurer has announced their “One Billion” initiative planning to engage a billion people to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives by 2030. Adding to promoting a healthy lifestyle, AIA has also announced its new joint venture with South […]

AIP News RoundUp – EP 50 – Theresa Blissing, Hugh Terry and Simon Phipps – Falling IPOs

Happy New Year everyone! We are looking forward to another exciting year in InsurTech in Asia!  Kicking off the year with a major acquisition story. UOB is looking to acquire Citibank’s operations in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam by 2024. In Hong Kong, eCommerce startup Bloom has announced a collaboration with AIA. This continues AIA’s […]