AuthorRomil Turakhia

Executive Director
Candela Labs

Romil Turakhia has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry where he has helped create high-impact change in the insurance industry. At Candela Labs, Romil drives innovation and IP creation, as well as business development, giving him a unique "outside-in" perspective, helping Candela Labs focus on creating products and solutions that solve real business issues and bring quantifiable business benefits. Outside of work, Romil mentors young entrepreneurs and start-ups. He also loves traveling, learning new languages, history, anthropology, philosophy, and remixing music.

2 Posts

EP 127 – Romil Turakhia – Head of Markets at Azentio Software – This Is a Real Revolution

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Romil Turakhia, Head of Markets at Azentio Software and former co-founder at Candela Labs, about the cloud revolution in insurance and the new freedom insurers will experience with SaaS for cloud. Romil shares how he and his team are planning to democratize technology for all insurance players and enable […]

EP 110 – Romil Turakhia, Reid Bailey and Rohit Nambiar – CIO vs Chief of Digital, Practical Advice On Digital Transformation and the Cloud

The Asia IsnurTech Podcast had a roundtable discussion with Romil Turakhia, an Executive Director of Innovation at Candela Labs, Rohit Nambiar, the Group Chief Executive Officer at Tune Protect, and Reid Bailey, the Transformation Director at Bupa. We had a dynamic conversation about how insurers can connect the dots between legacy enterprise systems and emerging […]