AuthorAurora Voss

Co-Founder & CEO

Aurora Voss is the Co-Founder & CEO of ClaimSpace, a platform helping the insurance industry to improve how it communicates with customers and external stakeholders. Prior to joining ClaimSpace she ran H2 Ventures, Australia's earliest stage, fintech and AI-focused venture capital firm. Originally from South Africa, Aurora is passionate about getting the best technology into the hands of those who need it most: customers and customer-facing staff.

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EP 75 – Aurora Voss – co-Founder and CEO of ClaimSpace – Will Customers Ever Be In love With Insurance?

In this episode, Michael Waitze talks to Aurora Voss, the co-Founder, and CEO of ClaimSpace. The startup was founded in Australia in 2017 and Aurora gives some insights into the Australian InsurTech landscape and how insurers are responding to the current global pandemic. Like in other parts of the world, insurers in Australia are accelerating […]