Rey is a dedicated Health & Life InsurTech, with a new approach redesigning the entire value chain by integrating simplified insurance with an end-to-end, proprietary health platform. Unlike other InsurTechs in the market trying to digitize distribution through marketplace or brokerage, Rey positions itself to challenge the status quo of an entire insurance carrier. Rey targets 120 million Indonesians, from middle to lower affluent, who are underserved by traditional insurers yet having significant digital penetration.

For Insurance, Rey simplifies the complex benefits and process of health, life, and critical illness insurance offers into Netflix-like subscription plans. Rey aims for a hassle-free experience that is palatable even for the grassroot population.

On the healthcare side, Rey unlocks a lot of optimization opportunities from a well integrated health ecosystem. Through the orchestration of multiple telehealth services, ranging from teleconsultations to prescriptions pickup or delivery, Rey builds best-in-class online primary care that guides the Members into the right path of healthcare with the most efficient way possible. In offline setup, Rey reimagines a new cashless claim experience without paper processing, limitation of network, and long waiting hours.

Rey also believes that healthier people cost less. Hence, Rey creates an environment that rewards its Members to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Rey combines wellness features with behavioral economics triggers through gamification and community approach to keep its Members encouraged.

All of the above positions Rey as an insurance that is more than just a policy, yet as one that takes care of its Members’ health and life. In addition, through improvement of healthcare efficacy and preventative approaches, Rey ensures better premium pricing and is able to offer specialty critical illness products that were previously unthinkable by the industry.

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