YAS Digital Limited (YAS), the Hong Kong-based regional insurtech venture and the first microinsurance marketplace in Asia, which utilizes innovative technologies such as 5G, AI, blockchain, data analytics, and open API, to reshape the insurance industry while creating an unprecedented ecosystem and business model for both B2B and B2C customers.

YAS is the first microinsurance marketplace that functions like an app store, empowering insurers with open APIs ready to plug and play in accordance with growing trends within the on-demand economy. Utilizing a customer-centric open marketplace that offers a diverse and affordable range of products tailored to the customer’s needs, YAS provides a digital customer experience beyond protection in every step of their daily lives.

With YAS’ smart technologies, the first of its kind offerings are actualized. The YAS GPS Automated Insurance will be made to provide seamless protection to customers when they are on the move. For example: YAS will use location-based technology to map out all hiking trails. If the customer decides to use the auto-on feature within the app, the insurance coverage will automatically turn ON when the user is on the trail and turn OFF when the user leaves the trail. This GPS enabled protection experience will also apply to golf courses, tennis courts, theme parks, public transportation and more.

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