EP 21 – Amerson Lin – co-Founder gigacover – Adopt an Ecosystem Approach


Michael has previously worked for major international organisations including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, UBS and CitiGroup as well as supported and advised local tech giants like aCommerce and investors like Ardent Capital in Thailand. Since 2016, Michael has been running his media business hosting several tech podcasts in Asia.

Amerson Lin

Amerson graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2005 with a BSc and MEng in Computer Science. As a Singapore government scholar, he returned to Singapore to serve as an airborne surveillance officer with the Air Force. He left in 2011 for Silicon Valley where he first worked as a consultant in Pivotal, which helped scale early-stage startups like Twitter. He then moved to Palantir Technologies to run business development for data analytics contracts across banking, government and media MNC customers in Singapore and New York.

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In this episode, Michael Waitze talks to Amerson Lin co-Founder of gigacover. Prior to gigacover, Amerson joined the Singapore military and then worked with data analytics company Palantir. With the rise of FinTech, Amerson and his friend Cheng Xun Chua founded gigacover. 

gigacover is serving the flourishing gig economy with a suite of flexible and affordable insurance products designed specifically for freelancers. The company is the first to introduce an on-demand, income protection insurance product. Amerson explains how he wants to bring benefits to the huge group of people in the workforce in SouthEast Asia, who had no access to these benefits before. gigacover co-works with licensed insurance companies for underwriting, and co-create the products together. 

Amerson also touches on how gigacover is linked to companies like Go-Jek and Grab. gigacover provides coverage to insure micro-entrepreneurs and their product is available in different tiers so it’s much more versatile and flexible for the user to add extra insurance for family members. gigacover is also planning to add healthcare benefits in the future.

Other companies we mentioned in this conversation:

ZhongAnGo-Jek, GRAB, Palantir, UberLyftDeliveroo, Helpster, Seekster

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