EP 211 – Japhire Gopi Kannan – Jaguar Transit – Technology Became an Empowering Tool For Us


Michael Waitze worked in Global Finance for more than 20 years, employed by firms like Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, primarily in Tokyo.  Michael lived and worked in Tokyo from February 1990 until December 2011.  Michael always maintained a particular focus on how technology could be used to make businesses more efficient and to drive P/L growth. Michael is a leader in the digital media space, building one of the biggest and fastest-growing podcast listener bases in the region.  His AsiaTechPodcast.com show has listeners in more than 170 countries and his company, Michael Waitze Media produces some of Asia’s most popular podcasts.

Japhire Gopi Kannan is a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary within the insurance industry. With an unwavering commitment to driving innovation and creating transformative solutions, Japhire has consistently demonstrated his ability to make a meaningful impact. Drawing on a diverse background spanning sales, consulting, and technology, Japhire brings an unique perspective to the table. His wealth of experience has allowed him to establish himself as a trusted leader, always pushing boundaries and seeking new avenues for growth. At the helm of Jaguar Transit, Japhire is revolutionising the landscape of cash and gold transportation. Through cutting-edge technologies such as IoT-enabled secure bags and advanced risk analysis platforms, he has developed a seamless and efficient insurtech solution. This game-changing approach not only provides comprehensive insurance coverage but also optimizes operational costs for businesses. In addition, Japhire's expertise in Jewellers block insurance has positioned him as a market leader across key regions. His in-depth understanding of the industry's unique challenges has enabled him to cater specifically to the needs of money changers, diamond dealers, jewellers, logistics companies and cash-in-transit companies. Driven by a passion for growth and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Japhire actively seeks collaboration opportunities and strategic partnerships.

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Japhire Gopi Kannan, the founder and CEO of Jaguar Transit, an insurtech that addresses the challenges faced by the trillion-dollar cash, gold, and valuables in-transit industry. Combining on-demand insurance, high-security bags, and a risk intelligence technology platform, it offers an innovative approach to in-transit insurance.

Japhire shares the unique process through which he identified his niche market segment and how his business attracted the attention of market chasers. He explains how his company transformed into a platform rather than merely an application, emphasizing that it serves as a single source of truth for security and logistics.

He details the company’s focus on the lower tier of delivery, leading to a global expansion plan that’s underway, with Europe and the US being major targets. Japhire discusses the future of insurance in the US and how it fits into the ecosystem.

The conversation then takes a turn towards the innovative use of telemetrics for car insurance and welfare medical insurance for low-income groups. He notes how technology has significantly transformed the insurance industry.

Japhire provides valuable advice to young entrepreneurs, underscoring the challenges they face in their journey. He concludes with an interesting perspective on overnight success, emphasizing that there’s no shortcut and every success story is a result of continuous struggle and perseverance.

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