EP 227 – Revolutionizing Health Insurance: Embedded Health Solutions and Driving Customer Engagement – Sebastien Gaudin – Founder and CEO of The CareVoice


Michael Waitze worked in Global Finance for more than 20 years, employed by firms like Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, primarily in Tokyo.  Michael lived and worked in Tokyo from February 1990 until December 2011.  Michael always maintained a particular focus on how technology could be used to make businesses more efficient and to drive P/L growth. Michael is a leader in the digital media space, building one of the biggest and fastest-growing podcast listener bases in the region.  His AsiaTechPodcast.com show has listeners in more than 170 countries and his company, Michael Waitze Media produces some of Asia’s most popular podcasts.

“I have spent all of my career in the health care. Given a choice, I wouldn’t do anything else.” Upon graduating masters in pharmaceutical and commercial sciences in France, Sebastien worked in Sanofi, a world leading pharmaceutical company, for twelve years, where he held various positions in business development and marketing across multiple therapeutic areas and geographic markets. In 2011, he assumed a management position in Sanofi China focusing on diabetes portfolio and it was a great experience. “I met many knowledgeable and committed people (Chinese Ministry of health representatives, hospital leaders, etc.) and well, I got the sense of all that could be done in this dynamic country, where many healthcare-related needs remain unmet.” - Sebastien Gaudin. Later on, he got the idea of a digital health startup that could address the consumer’s mistrust for medical services in China, a recommendation platform similar to TripAdvisor but dedicated to healthcare. He then left Sanofi to launch The CareVoice in early 2014.

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“When you talk to customers, I would say both we have to make sure that insurers are willing to embark on the journey with us and that it addresses their needs. But ultimately, the end user is super important, if solutions are not compelling for the end users, you know, it doesn’t work.” – Sebastien Gaudin

The Asia InsurTech Podcast welcomed back Sebastien Gaudin, the Founder & CEO of The CareVoice, after his last appearance on the show in 2021! Clearly, a lot has changed since then, and this episode dives into those changes, especially focusing on the company’s product evolution and geographic expansion.

Sebastien discusses the shift from a standalone app to a platform that allows seamless integration of digital health services into the interfaces of various insurers. This platform is now operational in 15 countries across all continents, marking significant progress in their global expansion. Sebastien also highlights the importance of engagement management in their services, explaining how it increases user activity and satisfaction. Additionally, Sebastien shares insights from their recent Series B funding round, emphasizing how it will help scale their operations and invest in product and commercial development.

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