EP 29 – Jay Weintraub – co-Founder & CEO InsureTech Connect – Learn To Speak Incumbent


Michael has previously worked for major international organisations including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, UBS and CitiGroup as well as supported and advised local tech giants like aCommerce and investors like Ardent Capital in Thailand. Since 2016, Michael has been running his media business hosting several tech podcasts in Asia.

In this episode, Michael Waitze spoke with Jay Weintraub the Co-Founder and CEO of InsureTech Connect. InsureTech Connect was founded in 2016 to bring InsureTech entrepreneurs and startups together. Jay was born in Texas and studied Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Jay has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, founding, among other things,  companies such as Grow.co and HR Transform

He speaks about how he originally met Caribou Honig, his InsureTech Connect co-Founder. Michael asks him how they managed to grow so big, so quickly in the last 3 years. While Jay mentions that hard work is essential, he also notes that good timing, a passion for the insurance business and the real desire to help people connect is key.  The conversation moves on to why Asia is the market of the future. Jay discusses an interesting experience he had in Shanghai at an insurance event with Ping An Insurance in 2016.

Michael and Jay discuss the difference between the US market with all his states and their own laws and regulations and the Asian countries which are all different on their own. He touches on his prior companies Grow.co and HR Transform and how his experiences in building those businesses helped him scale InsureTech Connect. The inevitable topic of alternative distribution came up as well.

Listen all the way to the end to find out why we call this episode, “Learn To Speak Incumbent.”

Other companies mentioned in this episode:

GoJek, CBIRC, Grab, Tokopedia, Lazada, and Alipay

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