EP 46 – Manuel San Miguel – CEO Ignatica – Dynamic Definition of Risks


Michael Waitze worked in Global Finance for more than 20 years, employed by firms like Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, primarily in Tokyo.  Michael lived and worked in Tokyo from February 1990 until December 2011.  Michael always maintained a particular focus on how technology could be used to make businesses more efficient and to drive P/L growth. Michael is a leader in the digital media space, building one of the biggest and fastest-growing podcast listener bases in the region.  His AsiaTechPodcast.com show has listeners in more than 170 countries and his company, Michael Waitze Media produces some of Asia’s most popular podcasts.

Manuel is a proven leader in achieving business transformation through the use of leading edge technology. He brings deep insurance domain knowledge and a strong focus on designing and implementing true digital business models. He has experience leveraging big data, AI, and API strategies, as well as viable blockchain solutions for enterprise use cases. Prior to Ignatica he was the CTO for Manulife Financial across Asia Pacific, responsible for overall digital development and engineering practices, as well as the architecture, technology, and application strategy for Manulife across Asia.

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In this episode, Michael Waitze spoke with Manuel San Miguel, the CEO and Co-founder of Ignatica Ltd. Ignatica enables insurers to deliver more product innovation, personalized servicing, and build market-leading customer experiences. The Company delivers the core platform needed to quickly build new products that deliver straight through, true digital client experiences and applies a pay-for-what-you-use pricing model. 

Michael and Manuel talk about product personalization and dynamic definitions of risk. The problem insurers are facing with flexible models is that their processes are often not designed to support those products which increase the operational risk for such models. Ignatica aims to solve this problem with its backend solution that can run in parallel to the legacy system. 

Manuel gives insight into the difficulties insurers are facing when tapping into new tier two and tier three markets and the challenges they are experiencing due to their legacy systems. Most platforms are not built to handle large scale. He gives recommendations on how to execute a data migration successfully. 

Also take a look at this article that Ignatica authored together with PWC on Modernising Insurance Legacy Systems.

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