EP 84 – Hassan Karim – Adira Insurance – Integrating Insurance Products and Services Within the Ecosystem of Others


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Hassan Karim

Originally from the UK, Hassan Karim, is a Chartered Insurer, Qualified Risk Professional and a Forrester CX-Pro and is currently the CMO, Board Director and Deputy CEO of Adira Insurance (now part of the Zurich Group, making Zurich the largest International P&C insurer in Indonesia), having previously played a leading role in Zurich's acquisition of the company. Before joining Adira in 2020, he was the CEO & President Director of PT. Zurich Insurance Indonesia (ZII), and previously held senior roles in London, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Global Underwriting operating at country, region and global levels.

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In this episode, we talked to Hassan Karim, Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Marketing Officer at Adira Insurance, Indonesia. Adira is an acquisition made by Zurich Insurance in November 2019. 

Indonesia has seen a rapid transformation towards digital distribution, especially after the outbreak of the global pandemic. Hassan explains the implications for insurers and how data analytics and machine learning can help understand customers and improve digital distribution. What is crucial for insurers is to be at the right place, at the right time. This is where partnerships with distribution partners become interesting as it allows to create contextual insurance solutions, combining the expertise and strength of ecosystem players and insurers.   

Hassan and Micheal talk about the importance of data analytics to build a customer-centric insurer. Adira has implemented transactional net promoter scores to track how customer service is performing along the different touch points of the value chain. Together with extensive analytics this allows the company to identify pain-points in the customer journey.   

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