Our Vision

The Asia InsurTech Podcast is the first and largest Asian insurance-focused podcast that gives Asian InsurTech Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders and Investors a platform to present and discuss how technology is helping reshape the insurance industry.

We tell the stories behind the most innovative organisations in the insurance space and introduce the people behind them. Asia InsurTech Podcast is the platform for exploring and discussing insurance technology innovation in the region. We delve deeply into what is being done in Asia to innovate and accelerate the insurance industry.

Our vision is to help shape the future of insurance in Asia and globally.

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain solutions to classic insurance problems are bringing about an explosion in disruptors, but at the same time discriminating between true innovation that will lead to business growth and marketing buzz can be increasingly difficult. We help cut through the noise, look beyond buzzwords and identify the hottest InsurTech trends. Our approach is to demystify the tech and help insurers to understand the nuances of new developments, enabling them to drive innovation via InsurTech, develop a digital strategy and manage organisational change.