Nexar is an innovator in the use of dash cams as intelligent “eyes on the road” for safer driving. It provides valuable insight through vision-based applications, based on vision-AI capabilities and superior camera hardware. Nexar’s insurance offering uses video FNOL and unique first and third-party collision reconstruction, based on AI, to make claims resolution faster and better by accurately understanding all actors on the scene. It can also provide crowd-sourced information about types of collisions and dangerous areas. It is used all over the world, from Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance in Japan, which uses Nexar for collision reconstruction for hundreds of thousands of vehicles, to New York’s largest rideshare operators and insurers.

Nexar has just released a 4K dash cam with AI-inside, providing fleets and their insurers with immense value and better insurance outcomes, using Face ID, smart alerts, video live stream and future AI-based applications, updated over the air.

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