AuthorDaniel Fogarty

CEO and Co-Founder

Daniel is an experienced business leader, whose role is to promote the company, assist with sales and business development, and is responsible for finance, investor relations and corporate operations.

As the former CEO of Zurich General Insurance, Australia & New Zealand, Daniel has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of insurance and knows first hand the challenges of the industry in delivering to the ever changing needs of customers.

Daniel has a Masters from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and is a Director of Insurtech Australia.

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EP 196 – Daniel Fogarty – Founder and CEO at Evari and a non-Executive Director at InsurTech Australia – Waking Up to Innovation

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Daniel Fogarty, the founder and CEO at Evari, about how insurers can innovate down to the core and the constraints the industry is facing. Michael Waitze 0:03Hi, this is Michael Waitze and welcome back to the Asia InsurTech Podcast. Today we are joined by Daniel Fogarty, the founder and […]