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Co-Founder and CEO

Raunak Mehta is the Co-Founder and CEO of Igloo, a regional full-stack insurtech company that enables smart, digital insurance products and solutions for the Internet economy. Raunak has extensive experience in the e-commerce and technology space, having held leadership roles at some of Asia’s biggest e-commerce brands like Flipkart and ZALORA.

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EP 204 – Raunak Mehta – co-Founder and CEO at Igloo – People Want to Be Protected

The Asia InsurTech Podcast had a great back-and-forth conversation with Raunak Mehta, a co-founder and the CEO of Igloo. Some of the topics Raunak discussed: Some other titles we also considered: Please read the best-efforts transcript below: Michael Waitze 0:00That’s, let’s go. Hi, this is Michael Waitze. And welcome back to the Asia InsurTech Podcast. […]