AuthorVarun Mittal

Group Head of Digital & Ecosystems
Singlife with Aviva

Varun Mittal brings together Singlife with Aviva’s digital and ecosystem capabilities to support the company’s strategy to be technology first and harness data for customer solutions. Prior to joining Singlife in December 2021, he was responsible for FinTech business development in 130 emerging markets across the globe for EY. He has been involved in various technology companies throughout his career and he is co-founder of the Singapore FinTech Association and ASEAN FinTech Network.

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EP 182 – Varun Mittal – Group Head of Digital & Ecosystems, Singlife with Aviva – Rapidly Switching Context Between Optimism and Realism

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Varun Mittal, the Group Head of Digital & Ecosystems at Singlife with Aviva, about the power of ecosystems and what is needed to improve the ecosystem further in Singapore. Listen to our previouse episode with Walter De Oude here. Find the transcript of our conversation with Varun below. Michael […]