AuthorMark Simmons

CEO, Asia & Europe

Mark leads the growth and development of our businesses across Asia and Europe. He was previously the CEO of bolttech’s device protection business and co-founder of our Southeast Asian operations.

Mark brings over 20 years’ experience in business development and was one of the pioneers of smartphone insurance in the region. Mark started his career in sport and had won numerous titles for the British Junior waterski team.

Outside of work, Mark’s thirst for adventure extends from water skiing, surfing, ice hockey to motocross racing.

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EP 214 – Mark Simmons – CEO Europe and Asia at bolttech – I See It as a Way to Supercharge Customer Experience

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Mark Simmons, the CEO of bolttech for Europe and Asia, and delved into the changing landscape of insurance and insurtech, focusing on emerging trends in Asia and Europe. Highlighting the concept of “life of the asset,” Mark explains how building services around an asset, be it a car, mobile […]