AuthorMohandeep Singh

Founder CEO
Soft Solvers Solutions Pte Ltd

Mohandeep Singh is a tech founder, business leader, father, and an engineer-at-heart who values dedication, service and excellence. He has built a legacy spearheading the adoption of cloud-based SaaS in Malaysia, over last 20 years.

He launched Agiliux - a suite of fully compliant software solutions for insurance distribution in May 2020 that helps insurance companies, Insurance brokers and insurance agencies automate, digitalise, and foster great customer experience. All this culminates in making these traditional industry players a driving force in the world of digital insurance.

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EP 179 – Mohandeep Singh – co-Founder and CEO of Agiliux Cloud Insurance – In the Next Ten Years, the InsurTechs Will Die

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Mohandeep Singh, a co-founder and the CEO of Agiliux, about the evolution of InsurTech and why InsurTechs might disappear in the next 10 years.  Here is the transcript of our conversation.  Michael Waitze  0:05   Hi, this is Michael Waitze. And welcome back to the Asia InsurTech Podcast. Today we […]