Peachii Insurance is here to make insurance relevant, affordable and accessible for everyone. Peachii’s model is founded on the lifestyles and purchasing behaviours of a new generation. In just a few clicks, you can add Peachii Insurance as part of the retail check-out experience.

We cover the stuff you love, one item at a time, even whilst it’s on it’s way to you. We have taken the confusion, the fuss and the ultra-fine print out of traditional insurance, and replaced it with cover that’s honest, innovative and exciting.

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EP 229 – From Legacy to Leading Edge: Transparent, Affordable and Flexible Item-by-Item Insurance – Katherine Clayton – co-Founder and CEO of Peachii Insurance

“So we’re getting great conversion rates on eligible items. And we’re just in that period. Now. We’re moving to convert those customers to paid customers. So I’ll keep you posted on what that looks like. But really, I...