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Plug and Play Japan

Chang joined Plug and Play in 2018 after a career in one of major Japanese life insurers through work experience in investment investigation, cross-border M&A and profit management. Chang is supporting both Insurtech startups growth and insurers innovation currently.

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AIP LIVE Special – Investing in times of COVID-19

The world is experiencing a global pandemic. What is the impact of COVID-19 on InsurTech investment? After a record-breaking 2019, this year might experience a slow-down in investment or is the pandemic a catalyst for InsurTech development? What types of InsurTechs are investable in times of a global pandemic? In our AIP LIVE special on […]

EP 50 – Chang Li – Director, InsurTech Plug And Play Japan – No Mom, That’s Not The Case

In this episode, Michael Waitze talks to Chang Li, the Director InsurTech at Plug And Play Japan. Chang Li, originally from China, gives an overview of the differences between the InsurTech market in Japan compared to other countries in Asia and dives deep into the InsurTech startup ecosystem in Japan. Chang Li and Michael talk about the Japanese culture […]

EP 42 – Cole Sirucek, Chang Li, Thibault Demoures and Lyndon Reid – InsurTech Insights Roundtable – The Initial Concept Was Massive Scalability

In this episode, AIP founder Theresa Blissing recorded at the InsurTech Insights Conference in Hong Kong with Lyndon Reid – the Chief Commercial Officer at Shift Insurtech, Cole Sirucek – co-founder of DocDoc, Chang Li – Director of Plug and Play Japan,  and Thibault Demoures – the Asia Head for health solutions development at Axa […]