AuthorJung Eun Kim

CEO and Founder

Sullivan and Cromwell HK
Northwestern Univ. School of Law, ALL.M.
London School of Economics, LL.M.
BPP Law School
Ewha Women Univ. LL.B and Master of law.

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EP 113- Julie Kim – CEO SmallTicket – You Have To Jump In, Otherwise You Will Lose

The Asia InsurTech Podcast was catching up with Julie Jung-Eun Kim, the founder and CEO at Smallticket to get an update on how the Korean insurance market has changed over the past two years. Just like in other Asia markets, platforms have attracted new partnerships with insurers and Smallticket is offering insurance coverage to food […]

Ep 12 – Julie Jung-Eun Kim – Founder & CEO SmallTicket – Micro-segmented Groups Are Very Attractive

Julie Jung-Eun Kim is the Founder & CEO of Smallticket, the first InsurTech in South Korea with the goal of reaching new generations of customers through customized and personalized insurance offers that respond to interests of a group from the age of 20s to 30s. Prior to establishing Smallticket, Julie graduated from Northwestern University in […]