Ep 12 – Julie Jung-Eun Kim – Founder & CEO SmallTicket – Micro-segmented Groups Are Very Attractive


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Jung Eun Kim

Smallticket Accenture Sullivan and Cromwell HK Northwestern Univ. School of Law, ALL.M. London School of Economics, LL.M. BPP Law School Ewha Women Univ. LL.B and Master of law.

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Julie Jung-Eun Kim is the Founder & CEO of Smallticket, the first InsurTech in South Korea with the goal of reaching new generations of customers through customized and personalized insurance offers that respond to interests of a group from the age of 20s to 30s. Prior to establishing Smallticket, Julie graduated from Northwestern University in Business Law and came back to Korea where she realized the changes in the insurance industry and the adaptive potential of P2P insurance to Korea market.

Julie mentions the marketing shift from push to pull in the insurance business due to the changes in customer behaviors of the younger generations who share negative impressions on the insurance industry. As a response, she decided to start Smallticket as a customized insurance company to fulfill customer needs overlooked by big existing financial companies who she calls “Bigtickets.”

Julie explains the key to the success of Smallticket in bringing generations that once disregarded the insurance industry to become more interested in the platform. She also discusses the growing InsurTech scene and the gender issues she personally encounters as the lack of acknowledgment of female CEOs is still apparent in South Korea.

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Smallticket, Shinhan Life Insurance, Hanwha Insurance, True Digital Park, BOI, NIA

Author: Chadhaporn Angpraphapornchai

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