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Gordon is the Co-founder of Surer, a cloud-based insurtech platform with a digital ecosystem of intermediaries and insurers. Prior to co-founding Surer, Gordon has over 10 years of business building experience at 2 unicorns, PropertyGuru and Carousell. He specialises in product marketing, monetisation and business growth strategies with multiple successes building programs for companies from the ground-up. As Co-founder of Surer, Gordon drives the company's product development and marketing efforts.

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EP 167 – InsurTech Sustainability – Gordon Tay, Matthias de Ferrieres, and Nicolas Faquet – How Do I Create Long-Term Value?

In partnership with InsureTech Connect (ITC) Asia, we recorded a podcast panel with Gordon Tay, the Co-founder of Surer, Matthias De Ferrieres the founder and CEO of Wellnex, and Nicolas Faquet, the founder and CEO of Roojai. 2021 has been a record year for InsurTech, however, we have seen very little evidence of profitability yet. […]

EP 164 – Gordon Tay – Surer – How Does Technology Change the Way the Insurance Industry Perceives What It Can Do?

The Asia InsurTech Podcast spoke with Gordon, a co-founder of Surer, about how he and his co-founders are solving some of the pain points the insurance industry is facing and are making the sales process of traditional channels more efficient and products more meaningful. Find the AI transcript of our conversation below. Michael Waitze 0:06Hi, […]