AuthorTimo Uustal

CEO / Co-Founder

Timo is improving access to healthcare for travellers at Nursebeam. Timo believes that access to quality healthcare should be as simple as a chat over WhatsApp. Instant and convenient, anywhere across the globe.

Timo is a tech-rooted Estonian that has traveled to over 90 countries while facilitating innovation from New York to Singapore, from Buenos Aires to Tallinn and everywhere in between.

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EP 76 – Timo Uustal – co-Founder and CEO of NurseBeam – Four Hours of Sunlight

In this episode, we talk to Timo Uustal, co-founder and CEO of Nursebeam, a HealthTech startup that helps people manage their health while traveling. For example, when suffering from a mild illness, the integrated chatbot suggests over the counter medication available in a foreign country and even recommends trustworthy pharmacies close by. By integrating this […]